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"A very Sincere Thank You to our #StrongerSafer Sports Sponsors and inaugural supporters of a national movement to make all sports safer from head injuries and in turn, more robust experiences for all athletes, young and old!" Thanks to Social Station Network for this video of an inspiring event! Click image below.

My name is Nick Lowery.  I played 18 years in the National Football League and am in the Kansas City
Chiefs Hall of Fame;  Mike Webster was my teammate after he left the Steelers for two years in 1989 and 1990, when Marty Schottenheimer became our Head Coach.  Mike and I would have long, very optimistic talks about our dreams after football as we road on the bus to games, as we sat at training camp having dinner together.  Barely a few years later, Mike was divorced, abandoned by 
his family and soon after, homeless and living in a bus station in Pittsburgh.  It was very hard for me to watch him deteriorate and hear what had happened to him after he left the Chiefs and the NFL in 1991.  I want to honor Mike and truly heroic human beings we have lost like Frank Gifford, who was my first interview in the NFL, and was always the epitomy of class during the 5 times that he and I played catch before Monday Night Football Games, my 2-time NFL Pro Bowl teammate Junior Seau, my fellow NFL Player Rep Dave Duerson, and the friends from my 18 years in the NFL and since, by helping encourage this movement to make all sports safer and stronger. Let me be clear: Playing in the National Football League was, and is, a dream come true for me. Best thing that ever happened to me! I was rejected 11 times by 8 NFL teams, and gave up a job working for a US Senate Committee before making it for good, and going on to 7 All-NFL teams, and becoming most accurate kicker in NFL History during my career, and the Kansas City Chiefs All time Leading Scorer.
Our goal is a Stronger Safer Sports Campaign: to be true Stewards of this great game, so it can prosper in the future. We would like to work with and honor respected Concussion and Neurosurgery Doctors, for instance, Dr. P. David Adelson from Barrows Neurological Center at Phoenix Childrens Hospital, Dr. Barry Kosovsky in New York at Cornell Med with, Dr. Sydney Pardino from Palm Springs' Desert Regional Medical Center, and Dr. Susan Hughes, our own Foundation Medical Coordinator.  We want an inclusive movement, and plan to build an NFL and Sports Stewards of the Game team with respected NFL friends like Chicago Bears Legendary QB Jim McMahon, 5-time All Pro Lincoln Kennedy, 2-time NFL Super Bowl Champion QB Bubby Brister, Arizona NFL Alumni President Kwamie Lassiter, Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Champion Derek Kennard, Oakland Raiders 2-time Super Bowl Champion (who has a cochlear implant because of hits to his head during his career), Mike Davis, Chiefs Wide Receiver JJ Birden, New York Giants Super Bowl Receiver Lionel Manuel, and former NFL Rushing Champion Christian Okoye, "The Nigerian Nightmare". NHL is well represented with Coyotes Announcers Tyson Nash and Matt McConnell and former NHL star Cale Hulse supporting our event. And perhaps the most popular player in Arizona D-backs history, 2001 World Series hero Luis Gonzalez is joining us for the event and 'Constructive Concussion Discussion!'

Stronger, Safer Sports is a movement to build good energy for the future based on the best science, best practices, and most of all, expand the permission to talk and share the new information we have with Wisdom, Respect, Grace and if you will, Love for all parties, so parents and kids and coaches and sports leagues adapt new policies and protocols and technologies that make all sports safer.  Click HERE for an interview I just did yesterday which may help.

I have worked for 3 US Presidents in Community Service work, helping launch Americorps in 1993 for President Clinton (see attachment) and have a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard and a Fellowship from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. My passion is that great countries are led by courageous leaders that are able to confront and solve problems with Grace, Wisdom and Love.  I was honored with the NFL Players' most prestigious humanitarian award, the Justice Byron Whizzer White Award, for my work.  As Alexis de Toqueville wrote, America is uniquely great because of our capacity to come together in small groups to solve problems. When it was announced recently that the legendary Frank Gifford had died from CTE, the NFL released a statement:

"We appreciate the Gifford family's desire to help the medical community understand more about CTE, and we are grateful for their support of the league's efforts to improve safety in our gameā€¦ the health and safety of our players remains our highest priority. We have more work to do -- work that honors great men like Frank Gifford."  Click HERE for more information.

We look forward to working with Commissioner Goodell in this new era of high performance and safety for all players.   

This is only a beginning.  A "Kickoff" if you like!  Please join us in a movement that brings out the best in all of us!  BMW, our sponsor for the Stronger Safer event, says something quite powerful:  High Performance and Safety are not contradictory.  They are not adversaries.  They are what Stronger Safer Sports are all about!

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